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4911 West Grand Avenue

Chicago, Illinois, 60639

Phone: (872) 256-5242

Cell:    (872) 707-0012

Hours of Operation:


   Monday - Friday   10 AM - 7 PM

   Saturday                10 AM - 5 PM

   Sunday                  Closed

SENSACT Group  makes your envirnoment safety our top--and only--priority

SENSACT® Group sells and providing service of integrated quality security system encompassing security system, metal fences, gate, and railing. We also sell concrete yard arts, mostly flower pots and fountains, and LED lights and strings for decorating interior and exterior.  Our services include making some custom made changes, delivery, and installation per customer request. We invite you to stop by or make an appointment to visit our gallery, and products we sell. Or, we can come to your place to evaluate your needs and provide you with information about available products.

If you plan to install metal fence and security system, we strongly encourage you to let us know about your needs to avoid high cost of installing each one separately. Both can be integrated to minimize the cost.

The advantages of shopping from us:

     1. One stop shopping - When you buy any of our merchandise you have options to be delivered and installed it for you. 

     2. We can accept some of your requests to make custom made change

For example, we are the only company that can provide you with the fountain, make it custom made by adding color and  LED string lights, fencing for around it, adding lighting system, deliver, and install it for you.