We sell and install metal fences, gate, and railings. We sell and service aluminum, chain link, and wrought iron fences plus ornamentals items.
There are three steps in installing metal fences. First step is to evaluate your needs to fulfill your desire security and providing you with different options and proper information; you decide what kind of fence you want, we take measurements and providing you with the estimate. Second step is to prepare the materials for your fences. This may take from one to eight weeks after you signing the contract, depending on the type and size of fence. Last step is delivering and installation of your fences. In some cases, your fences will be delivered to your place directly. We will be accepting the delivery and installing them. To have your fences install beginning of spring, you need to start the process in January.

- Our special industrial grade concealed fastener aluminum fence available for around garden and also window guard. The height for fence around the garden is about 22 - 23 inches after installation. Each section is 6 feet or can be cut to the size. We will provide you with post to install it in the ground or for surface mount. Window guard will come in various color and sizes to fit your windows.  We can supply in varieties of color (black, white, gray, etc.)

- We designed and made the very first aluminum fencing for an outdoor cafe. While, double posts are made of steel to make it strong and heavy, the entire fencing except the  metal pad on the ground are made of industrial type of concealed fastener aluminum.